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You Can Prevent your Dog From Getting a Fatal Disease!

Studies show that some of the most common problems reported in animals — especially pets like dogs and cats — are due to the poor dietary habits that pet owners seem to be rubbing off on their pets.

It is a big NO-NO to feed pets fatty meats — especially to overweight dogs — because it can cause fatal diseases like heart disease, pancreatitis and diabetes mellitus. Always read dog food nutrition labels so you have an idea what food you are giving to your pets. According to FDA research, if meat is the main ingredients for pet food, always keep in mind that it should be about 75% water and fats should have been removed.

By paying close enough attention to what food we give to our pets we will prevent them from having fatal diseases, because according to Dr Kirti Dua of GADVASU, “It’s a good idea to treat your pet like a family member, it’s not a great idea to ignore their dietary habits. Regular wellness checkups with lifestyle guidance are an important element of preventive health care to ensure a pet’s well being.”

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