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Veterinary health insurance is all about being prepared for the unexpected. Whether your pet has had a minor accident, or is faced with a life threatening medical condition, you need an insurance plan that will cover your pet’s needs. We provide you with the best quality in pet insurance, so that your pet gets the care he deserves and you are financially protected.

Never be forced to decide between your wallet and your pet. Protect the most treasured member of your family from some of life’s most unfortunate accidents.


Our Dog Liability Insurance plans provide added relief and coverage if your pet causes any bodily injury of property damage.


Not only will your pet get outstanding healthcare services from the vet of your choice, but you can rest assured know that you are financially protected with affordable insurance.


Our plans cover a variety of services ranging from unexpected accidents to major or minor illnesses such as allergies, arthritis, and cancer.


We offer a variety of insurance plans so that you can choose the right coverage to suit your pet’s individual needs or breed-specific conditions.

How We Started

It’s insane how something so necessary, like veterinary health insurance, seems out of reach for so many people.

In the United States, we are some of the most pet crazy people in the world but still do not find it a priority to get our animals health insurance. Many people don’t view it as a financial investment, one that will give back more in benefits than take in premiums throughout their pet’s lifespan. The fact is that the unexpected is bound to happen, and the cost of veterinary care rises every year.

We got into this business to ensure all pet owners have access to affordable insurance for their pet. We don’t want another owner to have to make the heartbreaking decision to euthanize their four-footed friend because it was the most economical solution. Pet insurance is a sound investment for any pet owner, and one we hope to provide to as many people as possible.

Social Responsability

It is our strong belief that no pet owner should have to choose between their wallet and their pet. Unexpected accidents and medical conditions occur, veterinary costs are rising, and we hope to help lift the financial burden off so that the animal’s recovery is at the forefront.

Mission Statement

The mission of GuardMyPet is to provide outstanding and comprehensive veterinary health insurance at affordable rates. We are dedicated to the improvement and maintenance of health of our members, by providing them with access to quality veterinary care with compassion and integrity.

Value Added Services

Along with our core insurance plans and services, we offer additional coverage services that make your plan more comprehensive and tailor made to the specific needs of your pet.