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Why Choose Cats Than Other Pets

Why Choose Cats Than Other PetsThere is no doubt that cats are one of the most loved pets. Many pet owners love cats because they are cute and cuddly like dogs. But aside from their endearing appearance, there are three other reasons why animal lovers should choose cats over other pets.
First, cats are innately independent. If you happen to have less money to feed them, they can hunt and catch mice, birds and other small animals. Despite the fact that cats can survive by themselves, it is still better if you can feed them regularly and treat them as real pets at home. Apart from being independent, cats are also smart!
Like dogs, you can also teach cats some tricks like going to the bathroom to drink fresh water. Lastly, cats can you make sleep! Yes, you heard it right. If you cannot sleep, all you have to do is cuddle your cat and chances are you will fall asleep due to their warm body. With these interesting qualities, I bet you now prefer cats over other pets! Am I right?
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