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Valuable Benefits of Pet Insurance

Pets Can Now Travel without PaperworkA couple from Colorado is struggling to pay their veterinarian bills after their Pomeranian dog fell ill and was treated for diabetes. April, owner of the Pomeranian dog, says she has a fixed income but is paying a $5,000 bill which was incurred over the past 2 days is giving her a great amount of stress.

For April, giving her pet the treatment is not really a choice she has to make. “She never stopped loving me and I couldn’t just throw her away because she got sick,” April said.

According to a veterinarian from Seven Hills Vet Center, providing care for our pets comes at a cost that is similar to human care. Sometimes, it could be very difficult to make a choice between pursuing treatment for our pets and taking care of our human needs first considering that the cost could skyrocket as the treatment continues.

By sharing her experience with the current dilemma she is facing, April is hoping to help other pet owners realize the importance of pet insurance.

To learn more about giving your pets the care they need, feel free to visit CBS Denver.