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Texas Lawmakers Targeting Exotic Pets

Texas Lawmakers Targeting Exotic PetsLawmakers over in Texas are taking their aim on a new target. They’re aiming at owners of exotic pets within the state. They claim that ownership of exotic and unusual pets can be dangerous. They want to regularize the practice with laws.

A measure was sponsored in the state legislature which would control ownership of big cats and other uncommon pets. The lawmakers are claiming that a lot of Texans have been injured by such pets.

Here is a portion of an article by Erin Mulvaney which appeared on chron.com, “Texas’ law needs to prevent people from keeping dangerous animals in their backyards and basements,” Lucio said. “These animals are not intended to be pets. They deserve the care and respect that can only be provided by professional facilities.”

Under current law, owners of wild animals must register with their municipality or county animal control office or sheriff. Private possession of big cats and primates is not prohibited and permitting requirements vary from county to county. Ownership of such wild animals is allowed in unincorporated Harris County with a permit from the Public Health and Environmental Services agency. Within Houston city limits, it is unlawful for anyone to keep a wild animal.

More than 30 states have passed laws that ban the possession of big cats and some primates, this is according to the Humane Society.

“Lax laws in Texas make the state a haven for exotic pet owners and threaten the safety of our residents,” said Katie Jarl, the Human Society’s Texas state director. “There may be more tigers in the Lone Star State than remain in the wild in Asia. Strong laws are urgently needed to prevent private owners from harboring wild animals who endanger communities.”

You can read the full article here.

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