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Obesity Rates of Pets in the US Growing

Americans are getting obese, and their pets are not too far behind. The obesity rate of pets in the US is soaring just as that of their owners, and that has spurred fitness companies to come up with products to help the pets get back into shape.

Different kinds of tools and equipment are now being used to help reduce the obesity in many of the beloved but overweight pets. The assortment of equipment includes: puppy pedometers, canine tailored treadmills, as well the availability of fitness classes for whole groups.

The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention stated that 53 percent – more than half – of adult dogs in the US have been rated as obese by the veterinarians that take care of them. In order to help address the growing problem, Tuft’s University’s Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine in North Grafton, Massachusetts created the first obesity clinic that’s specifically meant for pets just last month.

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