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Is the Costliest Pet Food the Best?

Is the Costliest Pet Food the Best?Picking pet food is not an easy thing these days. There are literally hundreds or even thousands of different brands that you can choose. Sometimes variety can be too much.

Naturally, pet owners want only the best for their animals. They are willing to buy expensive food for them, but they also want to be sure that it is really the best. That leaves not a few pet owners wondering.

Here is a portion of an article that appeared on cbslocal.com, ““Is the highest priced food the best?  No.  Is the cheapest food the worst?  No.  Usually the cheapest foods have the cheapest forms of protein in it,” says veterinarian Dr. Mike Hutchinson.

Experts say  before you buy any pet food, look at the label. The first step is to make sure your pet food is approved by the Association of American Feed Control Officials.

“At least it tells me they are going to get a minimum amount of nutrition that a dog is supposed to have in that food,” says Dr. Hutchinson.

Next, you need to figure out how much protein is in the food. Dr. Hutchinson prefers animal protein to the alternatives. He says chicken is a very good source of protein.

The third thing to consider: how well is your dog digesting the food you buy? The proof is in your backyard.

“When you go out and buy a general pet food and they are going out and going four times a day, three times a day, that’s not a very efficient food,” says Dr. Hutchinson. “I would look for something that maybe two bowel movements a day would be more normal in a dog.”

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