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Common Diseases in Dogs

Common Diseases in DogsDogs suffering from health conditions can be devastating and heartbreaking. What’s even worse is finding out that these diseases could have been prevented in the first place – you could have done something to help alleviate your dog’s health condition.

Caring for your beloved dog involves more than food, water, and affection. The three most common diseases in dogs are heartworm, canine distemper, and dental disease. Learning these diseases and how to prevent them can save your dog.

Heartworm can be transmitted through mosquito bites. You can have your dog tested for heartworm at least once each year. Canine distemper, on the other hand, is caused by a virus and the best way to prevent it is to vaccinate your dog against the virus regularly. Dental hygiene in dogs is most often ignored by owners – though they don’t get cavities like we do, they can develop gingivitis if they don’t receive proper care.