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Cat Mayor of Alaskan Town for 15 Years

Cat Mayor of Alaskan Town for 15 YearsMayor Stubbs has been mayor of the small town Talkeetna, Alaska for 15 years. Quite an impressive accomplishment for anyone, particularly a cat. Yes, you heard the right, the honorary mayor of this 900 person historical town is a cat.
So who placed the cat in this heralded position? The town’s people of course! Stubbs, who was then a kitten when he got the position, was voted into office in a write-in election 15 years ago and has not vacated the spot ever since.
“He’s good. Probably the best we’ve had,” Laurie Stec told WBBH. Stec manages Stubbs’s main haunt, Nagley’s General Store, and says the cat has been a good leader when it comes to local small businesses. “He doesn’t raise our taxes – we have no sales tax. He doesn’t interfere with business,” she told CNN. “He’s honest.”
Although well-loved, some people reported the cat exhibiting diva-like behavior. He drinks water out of a wine glass laden with catnip every afternoon. He’s said to also be very demanding, meowing until he gets some afternoon nap time away from tourists.
Well, with over 10,000 subscribers on Facebook on top of his mayoral position, who wouldn’t be a diva.
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