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Can Your Dog Eat Cheese?

Can Your Dog Eat Cheese?You can’t seem to resist your dog begging for a bite of whatever you’re having on your dinner table so occasionally you give in. Giving your dog a treat off your plate is alright as long as you are a responsible dog owner aware of the absolute no-no’s for your canine companion like chocolate, onions, grapes, alcohol and caffeinated drinks. Cheese on the other hand has always been a debatable topic among veterinarians and canine enthusiasts alike.

Before giving your dog a slice of that cheesy goodness, here are things to consider first:
Lactose Intolerance 
According to the experts, many dogs, especially adults, don’t have enough of the enzyme needed to break down lactose. Watch your dog’s bowel movements, if he has an upset stomach after eating cheese, avoid giving him dairy products. If your dog has normal bowel movements, he’s probably digesting it just fine.
Weight Issues
Only use low-fat cheese as treats, and limit the amount and frequency. Cheddar made with 2% milk and low-fat string cheese are good examples of low-fat cheese.
Veterinarian’s Advice
Cheese is a good source of protein and is a suitable alternate to chicken, beef, and other proteins for some specific health issues. If your veterinarian has recommended a low protein diet for your dog, ask if any kinds of low-fat cheese are a good substitute or supplement.