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Beware Cat and Dog Owners, New Fungus Found Risky for Pets

A recent research study has discovered a new fungus that is hazardous for cats and dogs alike.

Vanessa Barrs and her colleagues at the University of Sydney have found out that the mould, Aspergillus felis, has already caused death to several dogs, cats, and even men. Its effects range from nasty consequences to fatalities.

The mould group, Aspergillus, is a common fungal species that’s widely found. Previous reports of deaths have been linked to this serious disease-causing fungus. Note that these moulds have spores that can spread aerially; and when inhaled by cats and dogs with weak immune systems, they slowly enter and grow through the nasal passage, lungs, and sinuses.

Aspegillosis, the disease caused by this fungal species, can be deadly. Albeit that fact, it can also be treated with modern anti-fungal medications. In cats and dogs, it causes a condition known as ‘fungal rhino sinusitis’ that should be treated right away before it invades the eyes and brain of your pets.

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