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Abandoned Kitten has Uncanny Resemblance to Nazi Leader Hitler

2A home that takes in over a thousand cats a year, some of them strays, has taken in a new kitten that stands out from the rest of her fellow felines. “Kitler”, as named by staff of the shelter, has been given the name due to her uncanny resemblance to the Nazi leader. The abandoned kitten bears a distinctive black mustache similar to that of Adolf Hitler.
“We rehome 5,500 animals every year but we cannot find a loving owner for Kitler. We think her unusual markings are putting people off. She is not a specific breed and we don’t know where her black-and-white patches came from because we have no idea who her parents are. We think Kitler was either dumped by someone who didn’t want her or couldn’t look after her, or she could have been a wild cat who was left by her mother.”
Hundreds of people drop by the home but decide not to take in Kitler and opt for more traditional looking cats. Sadly, Kitler is just one of the thousands of cats who are homeless and in need of a family to take them in.
If you want to know more about Kitler, click here and call Wood Green on 0844 248 8181 if you are interested in giving her a new home.