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Most Spitz-type dogs that are seen today originated from the Arctic regions. In genetic testings many Spitz-type dogs were found to be closely related to wolves. Through selective breeding, Spitz-types have been developed to help humans in three areas: herding, hunting, and as sled dogs.

The Spitz-type dog is characterized by a pointed muzzle, pointed ears, and a curled tail.
Spitz dogs, also known as Northern dogs, include the following breeds:

•    Akita
•    Norwegian Elkhound
•    Chow Chow
•    Finnish Spitz
•    Pomeranian
•    Keeshond

Because of the charming look of this dog, non-working Spitz-type dogs have been developed to be companion dogs over the years. Some of these include: the American Eskimo Dog, the Alaskan Kee Kai, the German Spitz, the Japanese Spitz and the tiny Pomeranian.

Taking care of your Spitz is very important.
Because veterinary visits can become costly over time, many people today are purchasing pet insurance. Pet insurance can help to defray high veterinary expenses and give you peace of mind knowing that your Spitz can get the medical care he needs to remain healthy.

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