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The Setter is a type of gun dog. They are most often used to hunt game such as pheasant, quail and grouse. They use their extreme sense of smell and generally find game by scent. Once they find the game, they freeze and “set” or crouch – hence the name “Setter”.

Setters most likely originated in Spain  in the 16th century. They include the following breeds:

•    English Setter
•    Gordon Setter
•    Irish Setter (also called a red setter)
•    Irish Red and White Setter
•    Black Welsh Setter

Most Setters have long, smooth and silky coats that require routine grooming. They are generally happy and playful dogs that have a gentle and friendly nature, both to people and other dogs. They are very energetic and require daily exercise.

Setters normally live between 10-12 years and sometimes even longer.

Veterinary visits can be quite costly over time. Purchasing pet insurance for your Setter can help defray veterinary costs and ensure your Setter’s well being for years to come.

GuardMyPet offers affordable pet insurance for your Setter. We have various plans to choose from that will suit both your budget and your Setter’s health care needs. Contact us today for a free quote to insure your Setter.

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