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Pointers are a type of gun dog that are typically used to find game. The name pointer refers to the dog’s ability and instinct to stop and point by aiming its muzzle at the game. This pointing technique shows the hunter the location of the prey and allows them to move into gun range.

Pointers include the following types of breeds:

* English Setter
* Gordon Setter
* Irish Red and White Setter
* Irish Setter
* Pointer

These breeds come in a variety of coats ranging from short-haired dogs, to wired-haired dogs, to silky-coated Setters. They come in a variety of colors and usually have spots on their bodies that are small and round or large oval shapes.

Pointers are highly energetic dogs. They constantly think about hunting and tracking. They make great companions and love attention. They are very affectionate, loyal, intelligent and responsive animals who can be easily trained to obey on command.

Taking care of your pointer’s health is very important.
Veterinary visits can get quite costly, especially in the event of an emergency, sudden illness or surgery. Therefore, purchasing pet insurance is a great investment and way to avoid unexpected pet health care costs.

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