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A mixed breed dog is defined as a dog whose ancestry is not really known. Usually a mixed breed has characteristics of two or more types of breeds. Sometimes you can see characteristics of certain breeds in a mixed breed. Although many times you can see certain obvious traits of a particular breed in a mixed breed, it is basically an
impossibility to know its complete makeup.

Mixed breed dogs can be divided into four basic categories:

•    Mixes that show characteristics of two or more breeds such as “Collie-Shepherd” mix or a “Lab mix.” These dogs can usually be identified according to which breed they resemble most.

•    Generic pariah dogs are those that tend to be yellow to light brown and of medium height and weight. They are believed to have originated from random non-selective breeding.

•    Functional breeds are purposely bred pedigreed dogs whose ancestors are not purebreds but are bred for their performance at different tasks. Some examples of these dogs are Eurohounds, Alaskan Huskies, and Greysters (Pointer/Greyhound mixes).

•   Crossbreeds are mixtures of two recognized breeds. Some are quite popular today such as the Cockapoo – a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle.

Mixed breeds can make great pets.  However, as with all animals, there can always be health issues that crop up. Making sure that your mixed breed stays healthy is very important.

Pet insurance can help defray the cost of vet bills. Purchasing pet insurance for your mixed breed can save you money in the case of an emergency or sudden illness. Paying a little now can save you a lot later on.

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