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The Husky is a general term that represents  several breeds of dogs that are used as sled dogs. They were once generally bred and used in northern Artic regions to pull sleds. However, today they are very popular pets.

There are several types of huskies which include:

* Siberian Husky
* Alaskan Malamute
* Alaskan Husky
* Greenland Husky
* Mackenzie River Husky
* Sakhalin Husky
* Tamaskan Dog
* Akita Inu

Huskies are beautiful dogs with thick fur to protect them from cold weather. They can make very good family pets. However, they must have a patient and devoted owner willing to train them and spend time with them.

They generally weigh between 35-60 pounds and are about 20-22 inches tall. They commonly have different colored eyes, the most common being, one brown eye and one light blue eye.

Huskies generally live between 12-15 years. 

Taking care of your husky’s health is important. Veterinary visits, especially unexpected ones, can be quite costly. Pet insurance is one way that you can defray huge unexpected veterinary bills.

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