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Hound Dogs are those lovable dogs with big eyes and big voices to match. They have an incredible sense of smell and sight. This makes them valuable hunting dogs. They often are used by hunters to track or chase an animal that is being hunted.

Hounds come in a variety of shapes and sizes
. There are three types of hounds: sighthounds , scent hounds, and other hounds. Familiar breeds include: afghan hounds, basset hounds, coonhounds, deerhounds, greyhounds, foxhounds, and the list goes on. Of all the hound dogs, perhaps one that comes to mind the most is the blood hound. With its big droopy eyes and floppy ears, the blood hound is a lovable and loyal dog.

Hounds can make great pets if they are trained properly. Because of their hunting instinct, it is important to make sure you watch them around smaller animals. Some will chase smaller animals.

Taking care of your hound dog’s health is important. Since veterinary visits can sometimes be quite costly, it is a good idea to purchase pet insurance. Pet insurance will help to defray veterinary costs. This can be very reassuring in the event your hound were to get injured or develop a sudden illness.

GuardMyPet offers affordable pet insurance for Hounds.
We have various plans to choose from to suit both your budget and your Hound’s health care needs. Contact us today for a free quote and get coverage for your Hound Dog.

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