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Dalmatians are one of the most well known and loved breeds of dogs. It is best known for its white coat with black or brown spots and for being the mascot of the fire station.

The breed originated back in Dalmatia, a region of Croatia. They are a muscular, mid-sized and elegant dog that has great stamina and endurance. They make great rescue dogs, athletic partners, or family dogs.

Dalmatians require attention. They are a very active breed and do not like to be left alone for long periods of time. The love playing and need affection. When trained properly and give the proper attention, Dalmatians can make extremely loyal and wonderful pets.

Although known for their unique markings of black on white or brown on white, Dalmatian puppies are born solid white. They begin to get their spots a couple of weeks after birth. Their coat is short, fine and dense. They shed a lot and require regular brushing and washing.

The life expectancy of a Dalmatian is between 12-14 years. Insuring your Dalmatian with pet insurance can help defray the cost of routine veterinary visits and large bills, due to unexpected illnesses or accidents. When you purchase pet insurance for your Dalmatian you are protecting his health and yourself from huge, unexpected expenses.

GuardMyPet offers affordable pet insurance for your Dalmatian. We have various plans to choose from that will suit both your budget and your Dalmation’s health care needs. GuardMyPet is the right spot for getting pet insurance for your Dalmatian. Contact us today for a free quote!

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