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Collies are beautiful, loving and devoted companion dogs. At the mention of the name ‘collie’  many people automatically think of Lassie – the famous heroine collie from the TV series. However, not all collies look like Lassie.

Collies come in two varieties – rough and smooth. Coat colors on both the rough and smooth variety include: sable and white, tricolor, blue merle, or white and tan or predominantly white. They stand between 22-26 inches tall and weigh anywhere from 50-75 pounds.

The exact origin of the Collie is not known, but we do know that they were used as water rescuers, herders, and to guide cows and sheep to the market in Scotland and England. Because they are in the family of working dogs, they require plenty of exercise.

Their life expectancy is approximately 14-16 years. Taking care of your collie’s health needs is important.

Insuring your collie with pet insurance can help defray the cost of routine veterinary visits and large bills due to unexpected illnesses or accidents. When you purchase pet insurance for your collie you are protecting his health and yourself from huge unexpected out of pocket expenses.

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