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Bulldogs, also known as English Bulldogs or British Bulldogs are becoming more and more popular today. They were originally bred in England (thus the name British or English) as sporting dogs. Once known as a vicious breed for fighting, they are now known as big love-able babies.

Distinct features of thick shoulders and a thick head marked by thick folds of skin on the brow, and hanging from the jaws, make the bulldog unique in appearance. Although they look rather pouty or peeved, bulldogs are generally very sweet and loveable animals. They are very loyal companions and make good pets. They can be, however, very stubborn at times. Hence the phrase “stubborn as a bulldog”.

Bulldogs have a lifespan of 8-12 years. Because health issues can be expensive, it is a good idea to have your bulldog insured with pet insurance. Bulldog pet insurance can save you money and peace of mind by defraying the cost of huge veterinary bills due to illness, surgeries or accidents.

GuardMyPet offers affordable pet insurance for your Bulldog. We have various plans to choose from to suit both your budget and your Bulldog’s health care needs. Contact us today for a free quote on pet insurance for your Bulldog.

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