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Are Treadmills Good for Dogs?

Treadmills and treadwheels are no match for outdoor exercise – even for your dog. Whenever you take your dog for a walk or run, play ball in the park, etc., the activity engages his mind and his senses. He sees and hears new things around him, smells the entire universe that we can’t even comprehend, […]

A Few Basics on Taking Care of Your Dog at Home

Dogs are frequently treated as babies by some pet owners. With this said, it only seems justifiable that dogs are spoilt and given the best attention and care they deserve. Pets, just like human beings, also need to be given the basic necessities of life such as food, grooming, love and care. Specific dog breeds […]

Gauging the Requirements of a Good Dog Boarding Center

Pet owners sometimes need to travel far away, leaving their beloved dogs behind. When there’s no one else to ask to take care of your dog while you’re out of town, your next best option is to place your much-loved pet in a dog boarding facility. It’s only humane to make sure the center will […]

Follow this Guide to Help Pets Live a Healthier Life

Pets, in general, are treated like real children by their owners – pet parents want to show their love for their cats and dogs that they’re willing to do everything for their welfare. Animals, just like human beings, need to be healthy to live a longer life. This guide aims to help you achieve a […]

How to Keep your Dogs and Pets Safe from the Scorching Heat

It’s your responsibility as a cat and dog owner to really take good care of your pets. You need to feed them well, show them affection, and protect them from any harm. Owning a pet is an investment and the benefits you’ll reap will be worth it. So, how do you keep your dogs feeling […]

Man Shot Neighbor’s Cats

A Florida man was arrested for felony animal cruelty following his admission to police that he shot his neighbor’s cats because they were leaving droppings in his yard. 34-year-old Andrew Straley told police that he would frequently shoot the cats using a pellet gun but not to kill them but only to scare them. One […]

Keeping Your Dog Cool in Summer

Like humans, dogs can’t stand extreme heat. As the summer sizzles its way back into season, keep you dog cool to avoid dehydration. Though summer is the best time for some activities with your dog, like hiking, fetching, and other outdoor play, extreme heat can be deadly to your pet. The early signs of heatstroke […]

Video Stirring Dog Empathy Went Viral

A video posted on YouTube appears to be a footage shot taken from a mobile phone camera showing a dog burying a dead puppy in a ditch. This video which has stirred dog empathy among many viewers is going viral and is making news rounds. According to The Daily Mail UK, the video may have […]

Shelter Dogs Improve Moods of Troubled Teens

A doctoral candidate in animal sciences at the Washington State University is recommending a new mood-boosting treatment for teens in drug and alcohol treatment: shelter dogs. During Friday afternoons, Lindsey Ellsworth would take about four dogs from the Spokane Humane Society to Excelsior Youth Center where a group of teenage boys are excitedly awaiting their […]

Guide Dog Saves the Lives of Two Trainers

A guide dog trained in California saved the lives of his two trainers. The trainers were walking the dog on a sidewalk when a car sped towards them. The vehicle was said to be going in reverse. The dog noticed the car and turned to alert one of the trainers just seconds before the car […]

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