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Pet Habits Humans Should Apply

Pet HabitsPets have more to offer than unconditional love and an overload of cuteness. Animals, although carefree unlike us humans, can teach us a number of things and are great examples of how we should live our lives. Now, who would’ve thought that we could take a page from our pets’ book?

Here are a few things that we can learn from our beloved animal companions:
  • Forget Multitasking – When dogs have a job to do, they give it their undivided attention.
  • Cultivate Friendships – People are social animals, and friendships have measurable health benefits.
  • Live in the Moment -  Planning, reminiscing, or thinking about anything other than the current activity can undermine happiness.
  • Don’t Hold a Grudge – Part of living in the moment is letting bygones be bygones.
  • If You Love Someone, Show It – Dogs don’t play hard to get – when they love you, they show you.
  • Play – Goofing off is not just for kids and kittens.
  • Enjoy the Great Outdoors – A hike in the woods may be a dog’s idea of bliss, but it has plenty of benefits for the humans too.

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