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How to Take Care For Pets When a Monsoon Strikes

How to Take Care For Pets When a Monsoon StrikesTorrential rains or monsoons provide a cooling relief from hot weather. Inasmuch as it offers that highly needed break, it can also be a reason for worry, especially when your pets are affected. According to veterinarian, Dr. Sunetra Wadke, “There is a 50 to 60 percent increase in illnesses among pets during the monsoons. Cold, cough, pneumonia, vomiting and diarrhea are common ailments found among cats and dogs during monsoons.”

To help prevent pets from getting ill because of heavy rains, here are some steps to follow:

- Maintain proper hygiene

- Take pets to the clinic to receive vaccination and regular checkups

- Give your pets proper food to eat and a diet to follow

- Turn on the television or radio for pets to hear instead of the thunderstorm

Supply yourself with sufficient knowledge to give your pets the best monsoon experience they can have by reading this.

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