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How to Keep Your Puppy Entertained and Out of Trouble

How to Keep Your Puppy Entertained and Out of TroubleAs cute and lovable as your puppy can be, there are times when the little critter turns into a naughty monster, chewing up your favorite shoes, digging a hole in your garden and wrecking all sorts of havoc in your home. Often times these puppy disasters happen because your pet is bored or in need of attention. However, dog owners may not have all the time to play or keep an eye on their little pups, so toys or even treats must be provided to keep them out of trouble.

  • Puppy sandpit - Use non toxic sand and bury food treats within to encourage your puppy to dig there, not your garden!
  • Food Stuffed Toys – Buy a stuffable toy and fill it with your pup’s breakfast, seal with a little peanut butter or cream cheese and leave them to work out how to get the food out, great to stop them chewing your things.
  • Cardboard Puzzle Box –  Fill a cardboard box with treats and scrunched up newspaper.  Let them play and destruct the box, which in turn stops them destructing furniture!
  • Ice lollies – Make gravy ice cubes or lollies without the sticks and give them to your dog to cool them down on a hot day or just as a tasty treat.
  • Treat balls and cubes – Fill a treat cube with their food and rotate. They will have fun pushing it around and learning how to effectively get the treats out.
SOURCE: Entertaining Your Bored Dog
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