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Cats Kill 55 Million Birds In UK Each Year

Cats Kill 55 Million Birds In UK Each YearTo most pet lovers, cats are cuddly and cute animals that are perfect to bring inside the house to play and take care of. But sadly, like most animals, cats are also one of nature’s most deadly predators. According to reports, cats kill an estimated 55 million birds in the United Kingdom each year.
Most of the birds killed and eaten by house cats are house sparrows. House sparrows are kinds of birds that usually feed on the ground. Since these house sparrows usually feed on the ground they became a favorite prey among house cats.
This story is both surprising and educational for the readers. After reading this article, cat owners should do their best to closely monitor their pets so that these animals will not end up eating or killing any more birds.
You can learn more about this story by visiting this link.
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