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6 Health Warning Signs in Cats and Dogs

6 Health Warning Signs in Cats and DogsOur beloved furry friends, dogs and cats, regardless of their personalities, have their own adorable ways of showing their unconditional love for their humans. They cuddle, play, run around or do whatever silly (sometimes naughty) antics that make our hearts melt.

Even when they are sick or don’t feel well, they try their best to act normal and deliver the same demeanor they show us when they are alright, as if nothing is plaguing their physical condition. That’s why as pet owners, we must always pay close attention to our companions and look out for warning signs that may not be obvious at first
Here areĀ 6 signs of illness in your dog or cat compiled from WebMD, one of the best online references for human and pet health concerns.
  1. Vomiting or Diarrhea
  2. Lack of Appetite or Decreased Activity
  3. Urinating More or Less Frequently
  4. Coughing
  5. Hair Loss or Itchy Skin
  6. Stiffness, Lameness, or Difficulty With Rising
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