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Pet is not a Perfect Gift this Holiday

Everyone wants to go home for the holidays – and of course they want to do so with gifts. Some people say a pet is a perfect present for Christmas. And there are several animals that would like to just have a home.

However, according to Margarett Svatek, Guadalupe County Humane Society board president, holidays are not the only time that possible pets should be looked at.

She also said, “Adopting a pet should be something that is thought of all year long, not just at one time or another, a pet is a long term commitment and of course it should be taken very seriously.”

Pet is not a Perfect Gift this HolidayIn this case, a supervisor at the Seguin Animal Services, Leah Lewis noticed that adoptions increases during December and see a lot of animals returned in January.

Both Svatek and Lewis think that pet isn’t a perfect gift for this holiday, adopting animals is a big responsibility it isn’t just for a gift but its for a lifelong commitment.

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