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Reasons Why Cats are Inferior to Dogs

Reasons Why Cats are Inferior to DogsYou’re either a dog or a cat person. While there are individuals who consider themselves neutral or “bi-petual”, you have to admit that these humans are a rare breed.

Writer John Hawkins is apparently partial to the canine kind because in his article “5 Reasons Cats Are Inferior to Dogs In Every Way”, he shared some pretty strong feelings about felines. According to him cats are, “Difficult, unpredictable, hard to like, and probably high on catnip. They look cute when they’re in the bobblehead kitten stage or swatting away at yarn, but as you get to know the little beasts, you start to realize that they’re merely trying to lull you into complacency so they can steal your breath after you fall asleep.”

And if that doesn’t shock dog lovers enough, below are some of the reasons why he thinks cats are inferior to dogs:

  • Dogs are much smarter than cats.
  • It’s a man best friend, on the other hand cat couldn’t care less if you were murdered by clowns.
  • Dogs use the bathroom outside. Cats stink up your house by insisting on using a litter box.
  • Dogs are happy and fun while cats are generally annoying.
  • Dogs are friendly animals that view human beings not so much as their servants or masters.
At the end of the day, all of that is just an opinion of one writer and is by no means a solid fact. Pet choice is a preference that in some way depends on a person’s personality, and not whether one animal is more superior than the other. Both pets have their own unique traits and personalities that humans can’t help but love — regardless of species.

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