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Dog Grooming Tips

Dog Grooming TipsUnlike cats, dogs rely on their masters to groom them. Every dog owner knows that bathing or grooming a dog isn’t a pleasurable experience for their furry friends. Humans often having to chase, bribe or even wrestle their dogs in order for them to be cleaned.

Once you’ve gotten your pet all settled and ready for bath time, take note of these doggy grooming tips to make sure your canine companion is clean from head to paw.
  • First, loosen dead skin and dirt by using a soft bristle brush (like those made for puppies) made of rubber or plastic then use a brush to take out dead hair.
  • Put a bath mat on the floor to prevent your pooch from slipping before you soak him. Use a hand-held shower head, a large pitcher or plastic container will do fine to soak your dog in water from head to tail. Lather then thoroughly rinse staying away from ears, eyes and nose.
  • This is a good time to check your dog’s ears for odors or dirt. Use a vet-approved solution on a cotton ball to clean the ears. DO NOT insert the cotton into the canal.
  • Use a large towel or even a dryer on low heat to dry your dog,