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Dogs in Israel Get Their Own Channel

Israeli TV has gone to the dogs, literally. In a move to help pets that are left home alone by their owners, a new Israeli cable TV channel was introduced. Welcome to Dog TV where the programming is 100% canine friendly.

The idea was first introduced in California about a year ago. It has been adopted in order to fit the busy lifestyle of Israeli dog owners.

Here is a part of an article by Rob Williams for the Independent, “Dog TV, which was initially launched in the US last year, is now on Israeli screens and aims to comfort canines left at home alone with a combination of soothing music and special colours dogs can see.

The channel, which is available in Israel on Channel 39, launched a year ago in San Diego and is now available all over California.

All the programmes on Dog TV run up to six minutes in length and are scientifically designed, the channel says, to keep dogs stimulated, happy and comforted when they’re left alone.

CEO of the Dog TV company Gilad Neumann said the idea behind the canine channel is to reduce the loneliness and abandonment anxiety that the animals suffer when left alone by owner. The aim he says is to “creates a companionship environment”.

Neumann says the channel is fully suitable for dogs, saying: “Owners can be sure it’s all appropriate, and there is no content that scares or stresses the dog, like loud or sudden noises.”

Mr Neumann told the Jerusalem post: “The Humane Society of America suggests leaving your TV on for your dog when you go out.”

You can read the full article here.

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