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How to Prevent Heat-Related Illness in Dogs

Prevent Heat-Related Illness in DogsNow that the temperatures are up, everyone is taking different measures to cool down or escape form theĀ scorchingĀ heat. However, we must not forget that our pets also experience the same discomfort from the extreme temperature. Dogs in particular may be at high risk for heat-related conditions like heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

To prevent your dog from suffering from any of these heat induced issues, follow these tips listed below:
  1. Ensure that any dog kept outdoors has plenty of water and shade.
  2. Restrict outdoor exercise to the early morning and late evening when temperatures are cooler.
  3. Carry water with you when walking your dog.
  4. Never leave your pet unattended in a parked car.
  5. Equip your car with window shades if you are planning a long car trip with your dog.
  6. Watch your pet carefully for indications that he is over-heating, such as heavy panting, loss of energy, and any obvious weakness or stumbling.
For more heat illness prevention tips, click here.
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