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Abandoned Calico Cat Needs New Home

Calico CatSome domestics cats are abandoned by their human families while some get lost. You see them out on the streets, darting here and there. Cats with no families need people to take care of them, one example is Miss Molly at the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter.

Molly was brought to the shelter as a stray, hoping for someone to take her in. When no one came forward for her, the shelter’s staff went ahead and named the cat “Molly”.

Molly has the soft, white, orange tabby and black coat of a calico cat. Did you know that all calicos are female cats and that females are called queens?

She is a bit underweight right now but with a little care, she can put on the pounds and get healthier in no time.

If you want to open your home to Molly. or know someone who will, click here to know more information about her.

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